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European Street B

Colonial Street "B"


Originally known as East Royal Mail Street, East English Street and also as European Street "B", as with its sister on the other side, this set dates back to early 1940's.  Shaped in a slightly curved form, it was easy to position the camera almost at any angle on the street and get a whole different perspective and make it look as if one was in a whole different town. With its quaint little store fronts and steps up and down the facades, this street was unique in many ways.        
Colonial Street B was build later than the majority of the other sets on the Ranch and build in the style of an old European village, it contained some really unique facades. Shops, houses and hidden entries were part of this section of the Ranch. The entire Colonial set was shaped like an oval and featured a Church in the middle of the square. Originally designed to look like either an old English village or European town, it was redressed multiple times through out its existance. Ofcourse we all best remember this portion of the Ranch better as Puerto Rico from the "Flying Nun" series with Sally Field from 1969.    
The street in its original form with Tudor style wood beams and stucco. Image is circa mid 1950's.
The same street from opposite angles a few years later during the filming of "The Flying Nun" in 1966. Notice the difference in style.    
During the mid 1960's, centered in the middle of the Colonial/European set, was a fountain, which can be seen in "The Flying Nun" as well in "The Monkees". This was only a temporary set piece and was removed shortly after both shows ended.        
This particular side of the European set also had a hidden set not often seen. It was located behind the Church facade and sported a Mid eval Castle like appearance. Used in some movies as a Mediteranian set, it was often seen as a Prison Court yard or market place. It was a small but complete set, which included a main entrance with Gates and various leves and steps. This set along with the Church burned down in 1970, but was not rebuild afterwards.    
The small courtyard set as seen in "I Dream of Jeannie" in 1965.
The Main Gate of the small Courtyard set.
The picture above shows the devestation caused by the fire on January 30th 1970. The Church, Courtyard set and more than half of  East European street went up in flames, along with Western Street "A". The structures were quickly rebuild, only to be touched by fire twice more a few months later.        
The rebuild Church and East European street after the fires in 1996, shortly before the entire European set was demolished to make way for more parking