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The Gas Stations

The Ranch had 3 permanent Gas Stations at one point in time, also called Service Stations. All of them were built across from each other, so to speak, at the beginning of Blondie Street, near the original entrance of the Ranch. They were originally designated as the Standard, Texaco and Ashland Service Stations.
The American Standard or Amoco station, was the first to be built in 1958 and was remodeled in 1965, followed by the Texaco Station 2 years later and the Ashland Station in late1968. Originally used for filming Service Station Commercials, these structures were built with the financial aid of the individual oil company, and also followed closely the design and architecture of its real stations seen throughout the Nation.
The original American Standard Service Station, as it appeared in an early tv commercial, circa 1964, before the major remodel. This screenshot is from a American Standard commercial, which can be seen on the Commercial page.

Because of Self Serve becoming more popular and Full Service was going out slowly, the Oil Companies also accomodated for this in the new designs of their Service Stations, and so the original structure on the Ranch was modified to represent this as well.

In 1981/82 a show called Mr. Merlin used the American/Standard Service Station as the main base of operations for Max Merlin and his young apprentice Zach. Throughout it's 22 Episode run many scenes were filmed around and inside the station giving a great oppertunity to see what the structure looked like back in the early 80's.
The Ashland Service Station, seen here in the "Partridge Family" from 1970 as a Used Car lot. Shortly after this was filmed, the structure was torn down for more parking space.
A great find that showcases the exact reason for which this structure was built. It is the Texaco SkyChief commercials from 1966, in color!!!

(Many, many Thanks to Lynn for this)

The Texaco Service Station seen here in "I Dream of Jeannie" also from 1966. By 1967, the 'tower' was removed and the structure was converted to an ACE Service station as seen below.

It is unconfirmed as of yet, but it is believed that there was either a retractable or removable roof over the main bay of this structure.

Although, two of the Stations were actual 'working' stations, meaing that they both had gas pumps and could hold two full size vehicles, and working hydrolic lifts to jack up the cars. The Ashland Station was just a facade. It was only a few feet deep, but not enough to hold a full size vehicle.

The Service Stations alternated between the major name Brands throughout the years. The American Standard Station was used as an Amoco Station, and the original Texaco Station was also as an Ace Station. The Ashland Station was torn down in 1970 to make room for more parking on the Ranch. The original Texaco was completely remodeled sometime in 1972 to the appearance we all know and was used as an Amoco and American Station. The structure was 'blown up' in 1996 for the movie "Grosse Point Blank" but remaind in unknown state untill it was demolished sometime in 1999. It made it's final appearance in "Pleasantville" from that same year. The only structure left standing is the American Standard station, which recently was converted for the show "The Middle" to represent a Used car dealership.

The American Standard Station as it looked in April of 2009. It is the only Service Station still standing on the Lot.
The Texaco Station was converted to a Amoco Station sometime in 1972 and stayed that way until it 'blew up' for the feature film "Grosse Point Blank" in 1996. It was ultimately torn down in 1999 and it has been a parking lot ever since.
All Service Stations were also seen on many of the shows that were filmed on the Ranch. Watch for them on shows like, "The Partridge Family" - "Gidget" - "Bewitched" and others.
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