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Lagoon & Berm

The Lagoon and Berm area were created the same time as Berms 'A' & 'B' in 1964. Most likely for the television show 'Camp Runamuck'.
Originally this was the location where the massive set for the movie 'Lost Horizon' stood in 1936 and around the 40's was transformed in to an exotic Arabic set used in many movies and labled as the Cordova set. Numerous movies were filmed here, such as The Magic Carpet (1951), Thief of Damascus (1952), The Golden Hawk (1952), Salome (1953) and The Loves of Carmen from 1948.

'Gidget' set 1965
''Carmen'' set in 1954
' Lost Horizon' set 1936
As mentioned on the Berm page, the Berms and Lagoon were most likely created for the show 'Camp Runamuck'. Ninety percent of the filming for the show was done right there on the Ranch and used Berm 'A" & 'B" mainly, but on occasion the Lagoon and the Berm were used for close-ups on the Lake. For 'real' lake scenes however, the Franklin Canyon Reservoir was used.        
        The Berm and Lagoon area were 're-landscaped' after Camp Runamuck was cancelled. In those days, if a show was cancelled, the sets were deconstructed and everything was put back the way it was before. But since the Berms and Lagoon were of significant proportions and could be used for movies and television, it was decided to maintain them. Since 'Gidget' was slated to go into production in 1965 and needed a permanent 'Beach' set, the Lagoon and Berm were a perfect candidate. With a little beach sand, a few fake boulders, surfboards and a Hotdog stand, the area was transformed into a perfect Californian Surfing paradise!
Not only was the Lagoon and Berm great for 'Gidget', but other shows like I Dream of Jeannie, The Monkees and some of the 'Beach' movies made extensive use of the property. In 1967 a new show called 'Here Come the Brides' started filming on the Ranch, though mainly shot on Berms 'A' & 'B', it also utilized the Lagoon area from time to time.        
Above: The same Berm and Lagoon as seen in 'Here Come the Brides' from 1967. Following below, the same angle from 2 different shows. Left- I dream of Jeannie. Right - The Flying Nun.
Numerous episodes of The Monkees featured the Lagon and Berm, from all different angles. It is a great way to see the Ranch like never before.
After 1970, the Lagoon and Berm was not used as frequently as before and by mid 1974, the 6 acres that the Berm and Lagoon were located on, were sold off to a development company to build a shopping center, much to the dismay of the surrounding residents and even Ranch employees. Shortly after the property was sold, on Sept 9th 1974 a huge fire destroyed much of the Ranch's north east street sets. With the demolition of the Lagoon and Berm and the fire, the Ranch lost most of it's valuable long-time standing sets.        
In late 1974, early 1975 the shopping center was completed and the majority of what used to be the Berm is now a parkinglot with a Carl's Jr. sitting at the top right hand side. Go in to the CVS pharmacy and you would be walking in to the Lagoon.