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Modern Place

Built together with New York Street, it was one of the more elusive streets on the Ranch. Hence there are not many images available of this section. Consisting of, originally, only two structures, it was seldom used as a main shooting location. Originally housing a Bank and an alley, it was remodeled after the fire in 1950 that destroyed the majority of New York's South West section. The Bank was moved and in its place a 3 story corner store was constructed and next to it the new 'Vista Theatre' was built. Another 4 story tall structure was put diagonaly from it, covering the sight line of the Water Tank behind it.

The corner store was originally the Bank building and was used in many of the serials from the late 1930's thru the 1940's. The right side, which faced New York Street was remodeled and used in the "Superman" serials from 1948 as the Peerless Insurance Company building and can also be seen in "The Good Humor Man" from 1950.

A rare glimpse of the structure on the other side of the original Bank from the movie "Golden Boy" from 1939.  Originally only a door facade without any windows. After the fire this became the new Vista Theater, a combination of Caplin theater and the little theater on Brownstone street.

The Intersection of New York Street and Modern Place from "Superman" in 1948 . Clearly visible here are the Corner store of the Park Blvd Apartments on the right and the Gas & Electric building on the left

Across the street from the Bank, was the corner of the original Park Blvd Apartments, with a corner store and some shop fronts. After the major fire in 1950, when 3 quarters of New York Street and the entire Modern Place burned down, parts of this corner were rebuilt on the location where the Bank used to stand.

On May 26 1950 a major fire struck the Ranch. It was a disasterous blaze that destroyed half of New York street and took out Modern Place completely. The Bank, Newstand, Caplin Theater and the Department store, were lost, as well as the Water Spillway (Water Drop) the Scenic wall and the Power generator plant. Click the article below to read the news story.

Despite the damage caused by the fire, the entire section was rebuild, but with major modifications. The Park Blvd Apartments was completely redesigned, and no longer housed shop fronts on New York Street and looked similar to what we all see today. The other side or Modern Place was rebuilt to what you see below: A Corner store, the Vista Theater and a tall restaurant/office building. These stayed until the fire of 1974 when the entire northern section of the Ranch burned down, and was never rebuild.

In September of 1974, a Multi-Million dollar fire burned down over one quarter of the Ranch in one of the biggest blazes the Ranch had ever encountered. All of New York Street, Modern Place, Modern Street, Skid Row and Brownstone street were destroyed, including the 3 soundstages located behind the facades and also scorched the Water Drop severely.