Modern Street

Modern Street was created around 1935, the same time as many of the other streets and structures. The original street housed some famous names like the Max Factor building, Chevrolet and Goodrich. One of the most recognizable and often used buildings was the corner drugstore (called Star Drug Co.) It was on the corner of Modern Street and New York Street, and with its curved front and store windows made it a commonly recognized building in many of the TV show and movies filmed there, it was flanked on the other side by the Gas & Electric building. Behind the North end side of the facades, there were two small soundstages, 33 & 34
The intersection of New York and Modern street circa 1970
The intersection circa 1940's
This kind of "L"shaped street mainly consisted out of a shopping strip and some small shops, and rarely showed the end of the street which ended in to Skid Row. The other side of the street was seldom seen as well.
The Gas & Electric building
Sometime during the mid 1950's Modern street underwent a make-over and its Post Modern-Art Deco style was changed to reflect a more mid century urban feel. The Gas & Electric building was replaced and became the end of the Boston Row homes going down Park blvd. Star Drug was replaced and became two seperate corner store fronts. One generaly used as a resaturant, the other side a small store. The Goodrich building was replaced by a generic store facade and a movie Theater facade was built next to it.
An early Panoramic view of Modern street looking towards New York street.
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