New York Street

New York Street
The Kirby building and intersection of Brownstone Street, circa 1949
The New York Street was used extensively throughout the entire time of its existence and can be seen clearly in many of the early serials such as Batman, Superman, The Three Stooges and many others and of course many of Columbia's Movies, as well as films from other Studios.

At the other end of New York Street, where the Department Store, the alley and the Movie Theater used to stand, and all the way to the corner of Modern Place, burned down in 1950. After the fire it was decided that the alley was no longer needed and the Department Store was moved over. A Court House structure was built across from the Kirby façade (the front of the original Stage 31) and the Movie Theater was relocated on Modern Place. Another fire occurred in 1953 and destroyed the corner of New York Street and Park Blvd., where the apartment building (Park Blvd. Apartments) stood, today the Bank building stands there. All was rebuilt albeit with different façades. The only façades that remained the same until the devastating fire of '74, were the Kirby Building , the Brownstones and the Parkway Arms building.
The Parkway Arms Apartment façade was used also as The Daily Planet (for the 1940? Superman Serials) and was located next to the Star Drug store at the corner of New York & Modern Street and was a noticeable trademark of the New York Street. It has been seen in many of the later Screen Gem series from the 1950's through the 1970's and stayed virtually unchanged throughout its existence until it burned to the ground along with the rest of the New York set in the 1974 fire.
Star Drug circa 1945 as seen in the Three Stooges
Columbia Ranch- New York Street 1966 with the Hollywood Hills in the background
New York Street
New York Street
The corner of New York and Brownstone Street
New York Street
Parkway Arms as seen in The Flying Nun
The original movie Theater on New York Street
New York Street
New York Street
New York Street
Same corner after the major remodel in 1955 as seen in "I Dream of Jeannie" in 1967
A seldom seen angle of the intersection of New York street and Park Blvd. The median in front of the Setton home (not visible) is barely can barely be seen in the top left of this picture. The original Park Blvd. Apartment building is on the right. Down left is the intersection of Modern Street.

Many streets intersected with New York street. Five to be exact. Park Blvd., Modern Street, Modern Place, Brownstone Street and one unnamed street at the end of the Court building.

The beginning of New York street as it was in 1954 shortly before the redesign.
As mentioned, one of the most unique façades on the New York street was the Star Drug Store, located across from the Gas & Electric building. Used in many of the serials and early movies, this was a perfect corner. It, along with many of the façades on the New York set, had small interiors that could be used to film inside when needed. This gave for a much more realistic look and feel and eliminated the need to recreate the set on a soundstage and paint and hang huge backdrops.
New York Street was originally longer before 1955. It extended into what became part of the Park, and it included the original Gas & Electric Building and a Hotel at what later became the the corner of the Boston Rowhomes (seen and used well in "The Last Hurrah" in 1958) and renamed Park Blvd., (sometimes referred to as Boston Street).
New York Street
Build in early 1935, the entire original New York street set (officially called New York Business street) consisted of a Hotel, the Gas & Electric building, a corner Drug store, an Apartment building (Parkway Arms), a Nightclub and corner store, a corner of Brownstone Buildings, a Restaurant and a high end office structure (The Kirby Building) on one side. The other side housed a large Department Store, an alley way, a Movie Theater, a News & Orange Juice stand, an office/bank structure and a high-rise apartment building, (Park Blvd. Apartments), with shops.
The intersection of Brownstone and New York Street
Two close-ups of the Gas & Electric Building, at the corner of Modern and New York Street. In 1955 this was replaced with Boston Row Homes.
The intersection of Modern Place and New York street, circa 1942
Star Drug circa 1948
Parkway Arms as "The Daily Planet" office in the "Superman" serials
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