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The remaining 3 structures are fairly non discript yet unique in their own way. Not much has turned up research wise on when or what these façades were used for, although the middle one of these was the home of Max Merlin from the short lived television series Mr. Merlin from 1981.
Of the original construction, there are only 6 of the buildings still remaining. Actually 5 really, since the original Park Blvd Apts building was split into two façades in 1958.  The North East side of Park Blvd has changed the most, one change occurred in the mid 50’s when the Boston Rowhomes were built, but even today all that is gone and now the right side of Park Blvd (sometimes also called Boston Street) is the new entrance to the Warner Ranch off of Hollywood Way. 
Park (Boulevard) Blvd, which meets up with Blondie Street is only a small piece of what it once was.  When originally built in the early days of the Ranch in the mid 1930’s it was used as the main backdrop in many movies and TV shows.
Boston Row Homes Boston Row Homes Boston Row Homes
The “Park Blvd Apts” which many people refer to as the Bank Building, stands at the intersection of Park Blvd and what was New York Street.  The Park Blvd Apts were featured in the Movie “Holiday” from 1938, with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. The building has been anything from a Bank, Apartment Building, a Hotel, Office Building, Store Fronts and many more.  It has been used in “The Three Stooges”, “Superman”, “Atom Man vs Superman" serials, "Batman”. In 1953 a fire destroyed this set and the rest of the buildings to the left of it, but a new set was constructed quickly. Although the rest of the structures were not rebuild the same as before, the "Bank" building pretty much was and can be seen in the movie "The Case against Brooklyn". However in January 1958, it was "overhauled" and "split in two" most likely for the movie "The Last Hurrah" with Spencer Tracy. It has been the same since then and can be seen in many TV show and Movie.
The Wolfe Home, the structure next to the Bank Building, is a Victorian style Boston row home that is seen in many of the Serials from the 1930’s; “The Three Stooges”, “Batman”, “Superman” & “Blondie” as well as in movies like “The Good Humor Man” from 1950 and in early 50's TV series.
 It was also briefly seen in the movie "The Happiest Millionaire" from 1967, as part of a Matte painting.
The Seton Home
An excellent view of Grey Square from 'The Notorious Land Lady' from 1962. This particular section can also been seen very clearly a decade later in the movie "The Happiest Millionaire" from 1967.
Gray Square
In mid 1957 the Seton Home, the Hotel and the store building were removed and replaced with the Boston Row Homes first seen in “The Last Hurrah” in 1958, with Spencer Tracy.  These Boston Row Homes again had an addition in 1961 with 3 more homes creating a semi “L” shape in the most North East area of the street for the movie “The Notorious Landlady” from 1962 with Jack Lemon and Kim Novack and was called "Grey Square" on the maps stemming from the latter movie.
The Seton Home
The North East Side of Park Blvd, was once home to the Seton Home, a very large ornate New York Mansion type structure that was only a façade.  This structure was built for the movie “Holiday” in 1938, with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn.  Hepburn’s character Linda Seton, and her family lived in this structure, hence the name.  Next door to this large upscale façade was a structure mainly used as a hotel, but very little detail is known about it currently. At the end of the street (actually the intersection of Park Blvd, New York Street and Modern Street) was a building used for many different store fronts.  These stores were seen in all the above mentioned serials as well as in “Hazel”.  The façades could be seen through the trees in the park during episodes of “Father Knows Best” as well.
Of course the next generation will know these buildings because they were the back drop behind the park fountain that was used for the opening credits of “Friends” in 1994, and can also been seen in an episode of “Life Goes On” in 1989, when the Thacher family has an afternoon outing in the park to play a little football.
Below is a great view of Grey Square as it was back in 1962. It remained the same without alterations from its construction to its demolition in 1974, when the major fire destroyed pretty much the entire North East corner of the Ranch. Although Grey Square was pretty much unharmed, it was decided to tear it down a few weeks later.
Although not really part of the Park Blvd street, but related to the construction of the original Boston Rowhomes and the street extending from it, is the Skeffington house. Built the same time as the Boston Rowhomes in 1958 for the movie 'The Last Hurrah', this elegant mansion has remained throughout all the fires and remodeling of the Ranch since its construction. Positioned across from the Park & Blondie Street, it has been utilized in many shows and movies for the past 50 years.
The Seton Home
The original Park Blvd façades before the fire in 1953, The 'Three Stooges' used this area frequently in their serials.
  The original structure burned down during the afore mentioned fire in 1953, but was rebuild in the style of what we see now. The home was also used in the movie "Dead Heat on a Merry-go-round" from 1966, “The Omega Man” in 1971 starring Charlton Heston and briefly seen at night in “My Sister Eileen” in 1955 starring Janet Leigh, and also starring a young Dick York who went on to become Darrin Stephens in “Bewitched”. 
The 'Wolfe Home' as seen in 'The Omega Man' from 1971.
The same section of the remaining Park Blvd façades as seen in Mr. Merlin from 1981 and in April of 2009.
The Skeffington house gained its name from the lead character in the movie 'The last Hurrah' with Spencer Tracy, who played Frank Skeffington. It was also used as Congressman Glen Morley house in 'The Farmer's Daughter' with Inger Stevens from 1963.
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