Lets start by introducing you to Columbia Ranch, the original back lot for Columbia Pictures Studios.

This website is here for all the fans and those who worked on the Columbia Pictures Ranch. Now personally I don't claim to be an authority on the subject, but I hope to share my information with all those visiting the website, who like me, are interested in the Ranch. The Real Estate market in the Los Angeles and Burbank area has driven the movie studios to tear down and sell off these pieces of what should be considered Historical Landmarks. My hope is that sites like this will help to preserve the History of these icons for our future generations of Hollywood Magic buffs.

Throughout the site you will find numerous rare pictures that I have stumbled upon in the process of my research, and I hope to add more as I find them. Also please note that there is a Facebook Page that I hope you will visit and perhaps share stories of your knowledge, experience or memories of the Ranch. My hope is that it will build to a small community of people that would like to be involved in preserving the Ranch's history before it slips away another generation.

The Ranch is located in Burbank, in the San Fernando Valley, California and is now called Warner Ranch (owned and operated by Warner Bros.Studio). The Ranch started as a 40 acre plot purchased by Harry Cohn to use as a 'backlot', situated at the corner of Hollywood Way and Oak Street. (You can read more on the History of the Ranch by clicking on the History button).

The Ranch was (still is) the backdrop for many of the Columbia Pictures movies and Screen Gems television shows that we all love. i.e. "High Noon", "The Wild One", "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town", "The Three Stooges", "The Monkees", "Bewitched", " The Partridge Family" and "Hazel"... just to name of a few.

Do note that this website is a labor of love/pet project and not in any way intended to gain or make profit. It is soley here for preservation of the historic value.

Still a work in progress, the website will be updated regularly for as long as it takes. News updates and other information will be posted on this page when available, so please stay tuned to this channel.

I'd also like to thank the people who have worked at the Ranch, past and present, and everyone else who has helped make this site possible by sharing their knowledge and information. Your contribution is invaluable. Thank You.
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